Karin Kjellgren | Swedish opera singer - soprano



The Opera "Horoskopet" at Läckö Slott

"The music is made up not only of gold earrings, but also has a carrying capacity, raising the expression of the song, especially Agneta Eichenholz's and Karin Kjellgren's delicate sopranos and Katarina Giotas kindling and rich mezzo."

Carl-Gunnar Åhlén

Svenska Dagbladet 7:th july 2004

The Count of Luxemburg

"Otherwise it's funny when opera singers get to show their comic abilities - Mattias Ermedahl, Carolina Sandgren and Tomas Lind really has such. And just recently graduated Karin Kjellgren you would do well to remember. She does her Juliette with wit, vivacity and sensibility. "

Marita Adamsson Bohusläningen 10 maj 2005